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Jeremy White & Kelli Lair

Welcome to The Northern Gateway! Your Guides on this journey are Northern Shaman Jeremy RJ White and Cosmic Weaver Kelli Lair. This is a place where we embrace the ancient Celtic/Germanic tradition of “Hospitality and Sanctuary,” offered to all those who stumble upon our site. This was once the custom of all tribes and peoples of the North. Whether you seek wisdom, guidance, solace or companionship, they would find a place for you around the tribal fire. It was the responsibility of our ancestors to uphold their word, to the land, the Gods and to those who came before, to maintain a haven for the lost, the lonely and the seekers of a better way. They held this oath dear right up until the point it was broken by those who did not understand the fragile balance between us and the land. This contract was called the “Faerie Accord”. In the name of the Land, The Gods and the Ancestors, we, the members of this tribe, once again honour that same contract. Welcome friend, to our fire!

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The Magick of Gleipnir: Honouring the magick of the Dark Elves and the Sons of Ivaldi, the magical smiths of wonderful things. Here, in this space, we work with this magick as it relates to the cryptocurrency market and blockchain consciousness so that we are empowered by financial freedom so that we can continue to do the good work in the world we all desire to do. This includes access to  Private Consultations and a dedicated Telegram Group.

Together, we are navigating a journey, unlike any other before. We are walking on the precipice of great change, and it is our honour to help lead you into a new world of financial freedom and divine weaving for the future.

Also included is access to Private Cryptocurrency Consults, and more!

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TRIBAL Fire: Where the ETHOS of TNG continues. Here we will discuss and share various topics related to the Northern path and it is always an Open Forum. There will also be a monthly Live for the TRIBE: held the 3rd-Saturday of each month at 11am PST/7pm GMT. This gathering is a session with Jeremy that consists of a journey, story and deeper discussion all led by spirit. Reminders for sessions will be automatically sent.   

Journey Library: Access the library of journeys that Jeremy has led throughout the years. In this space you are able to access audio files. There is a discussion board for Tribe Members to discuss their experiences. This space is not monitored by Jeremy.

Notice Board: The Notice Board is a place for any TRIBE Member, who has gone through one of TNG Initiations to share about and post their offerings to the world. Members of the Mead Horn Membership will be able to view these offerings, but will not be able to share their own offerings.               

Resource List: This space is a compilation of resources that have to do with the ETHOS of the North. Here you will find a list of books, movies, music etc. that you can explore to expand your understanding of the ways of the ancestors, the land and stories of a time long past.

The Magick of Gleipnir: Private Cryptocurrency Consults with Kelli

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