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Jeremy White

This is my path, that of a Northern Shaman, Teacher and Story Teller. It is my honor to continue to guide you on your quest, a deeper journey into the unknown, through the mists and the magick, where we continue to understand the riddles and medicine of our ancestors.

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About this course

Self Directed Runic Study 

This class is geared towards all individuals who are being called to the Runic path for a deeper and more personal look, but would like to navigate their own timing .  

**This class is required before any student can proceed with the deeper training in the Northern Shamanic Studies class or one must convey their runic knowledge to my satisfaction. 

Class Cost:£210

Classes content is available immediately upon registration. 

ONLINE Class Details

  • Six pre-recorded sessions with journeys


Each class covers four runes, which will include journeying, explanation, interpretation and history of each.  Each block of eight Runes are called Aett's.
• Class 1 Runes 1-4: The first four runes are in Freya’s Aett – The Norse goddess of Love, Magic, Beauty, Sex and Death.
• Class 2 Runes 5-8: Finish Freya's Aett.
• Class 3 Runes 9-12: We begin Heimdall’s Aett – Heindall is the gatekeeper of the gods, he watches over the bridge from Midgard (middle earth) to Asgard the home of the Gods
• Class 4 Runes 13-16: Continued study with the remaining Heimdall's Aett.
• Class 5 Runes 17 - 20: Tyr’s Aett – Tyr is the noble god of Justice and Truth.  He is committed to standing up for what is the right and protecting the weak at any cost.
• Class 6 : Runes 21- 24: Finish the final four of Tyr’s Aett

Questions can be submitted to Jeremy in between class content explored. At the end of the six-session course, individuals will register for a 30-minute session to discuss the runes and specific questions in person. If you would like to book additional session throughout your study, the cost will be an additional £50 each. 

Class content will be available for 60 days from date of enrollment.

Questions? email Jeremy at or Kelli Lair at (providing technical support)

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